Comfort and Safety in Day Care: A Look into OEKAN Furniture’s Hospital Chairs

OEKAN Furniture is a medical and elderly care intelligent furniture manufacturer integrating research and development, design, production and sales of hospital furniture, providing series of professional furniture products and overall environmental solutions for hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers and nursing homes.

A Closer Look at OEKAN’s Day Care Couch

Because it combines the essential components of a comfy chair and a fully reclining sofa, this day care couch, a kind of hospital chairs from OEKAN Furniture, is perfect for daytime treatments that call for the patient to be comfortable for lengthy periods of time. With motorized height adjustment, this hospital chair may be fully reclined and slanted to the Trendelenburg position. The patient’s comfort and safety are further ensured by the fold-down armrests and tilting seats. The central locking and steering castors allow the couch to move around a lot.

Furthermore, the structure of this hospital chair is composed of stainless steel tubes with an epoxy powder-coated finish, and its back and seat are made of high-density cotton with a polyurethane cover. This chair will last for many years in your clinic or hospital thanks to its sturdy construction and excellent design.


The Day Care Couch from OEKAN Furniture is more than just a piece of furniture, it is a symbol of comfort and safety for patients. Its ergonomic design ensures proper posture and support, reducing the risk of strain injuries for those who sit for long periods. Moreover, its easy-to-clean surface and durable materials offer hygienic solutions to maintain a healthy environment. With OEKAN Furniture’s commitment to quality and innovation, we can expect more revolutionary products that will redefine the standards of hospital furniture.

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