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Elevate Efficiency and Comfort with Shenling’s Air Source Heat Pump Technology

As a trusted name in eco-thermal systems, Shenling proudly presents the exceptional air source heat pump efficiency of their ThermaX Monobloc series. With a focus on cutting-edge technology and innovation, Shenling is dedicated to providing customers with top-of-the-line solutions for efficient heating and cooling.

Unleashing the Power of High Air Source Heat Pump Efficiency

Experience the unparalleled efficiency of Shenling’s ThermaX Monobloc Air Source Heat Pump. This advanced system is equipped with a wide working frequency DC frequency conversion compressor, allowing for precise adjustment of load and flow. Combined with an electronic expansion valve, a DC frequency conversion fan, a DC frequency conversion circulating water pump, and a highly efficient plate heat exchanger, these heat pumps deliver remarkable performance while minimizing energy consumption. The result is optimal air source heat pump efficiency that brings both comfort and cost savings.

Embrace a Whisper-Quiet Environment with ThermaX Noise Reduction Technology

Shenling understands the importance of creating a peaceful living environment. That’s why the ThermaX series takes noise reduction seriously. Operating at sound pressure levels as low as 35 dB (A) at a distance of 3 meters, these air source heat pumps ensure a super quiet experience for users. Shenling has incorporated various noise reduction technologies, including extensive testing and optimization, to achieve this impressive level of noise reduction. Say goodbye to disruptive noise and enjoy the tranquility that ThermaX brings to your space.


In summary, Shenling’s ThermaX Monobloc Air Source Heat Pump stands out for its high air source heat pump efficiency, delivering optimal performance while reducing energy consumption. With advanced features such as DC frequency conversion technology and precision control, these heat pumps provide exceptional heating and cooling capabilities. Additionally, the ThermaX series incorporates noise reduction technologies to create a whisper-quiet operating environment. By choosing Shenling’s air source heat pump technology, you can elevate your comfort and enjoy cost savings, all while supporting a sustainable and eco-friendly solution. Experience the power of high efficiency and tranquility with Shenling’s ThermaX Monobloc Air Source Heat Pump.

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