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Enhanced Precision with Upgraded Drilling Box by HUAHUA

HUAHUA, a leading manufacturer of woodworking machines, introduces the CNC wood drilling machine, a revolutionary solution that enhances precision in drilling operations. Equipped with three-coordinate detection, this independently developed drilling box by HUAHUA significantly improves drilling accuracy, making it an ideal choice for businesses seeking precise and efficient wood drilling solutions.

 Simple But Powerful Control System

HUAHUA’s Upgraded Drilling Box comes with a simple yet powerful control system. The advanced CNC system is programmed and coordinated to provide better control over each part of the machine. The easy-to-understand interface makes operation seamless and user-friendly. With this control system, operators can effortlessly program drilling patterns and specifications, ensuring precise and consistent results. The Upgraded Drilling Box empowers woodworking businesses to achieve exceptional drilling accuracy with ease.

 Six Sides, One Time Efficiency

The Upgraded Drilling Box by HUAHUA offers a remarkable feature: the ability to drill all six sides of a panel horizontally and vertically at one time. This innovative capability maximizes efficiency and productivity in wood drilling operations. By installing precise drilling boxes in different directions, the Upgraded Drilling Box ensures that all six sides of the panel are accurately drilled simultaneously. This saves time and effort, allowing woodworking businesses to handle larger orders and meet tight deadlines.

Automating Every Process for Improved Efficiency and Safety

HUAHUA understands the importance of reducing heavy manual labor and improving safety in woodworking operations. With the Upgraded Drilling Box, every process is automated, including feeding, aligning, drilling, grooving, and unloading. This automation eliminates the need for extensive manual intervention, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries. By automating these processes, HUAHUA enables woodworking businesses to enhance efficiency, increase productivity, and ensure a safer working environment.


The Upgraded Drilling Box by HUAHUA is a game-changer in the woodworking industry. With its enhanced precision, simple but powerful control system, six-sided drilling efficiency, and automation of every process, this drilling box provides woodworking businesses with a competitive advantage. Upgrade your wood drilling operations today with HUAHUA’s Upgraded Drilling Box, a top-of-the-line CNC wood drilling machine that delivers exceptional results.

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