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Flexibility Meets Sustainability: Exploring the Benefits of Lipower’s Flexible Solar Panel Kit

Lipower, a professional portable power station manufacturer founded in Shenzhen, China in 2002, aims to provide high-quality and efficient portable energy storage products at competitive prices. Lipower always keeps pace with time and makes its effort to develop new portable energy storage products with higher capacity, more stable performance and a longer lifespan. Lipower’s specialized workshops are under dustless management, and the experienced workers need to a well-organized schedule. These ensure a high capacity in Lipower. Lipower will continue to improve its facilities and optimize the process to attain higher productivity and better quality.

Lipower’s Flexible Solar Panel Kit

Lipower’s flexible solar panel kit perfectly matches its rechargeable portable power stations, bringing marketable green energy storage solutions. Lipower is a pioneer portable power station manufacturer and it offers flexible solar panel kits for wholesale. Its flexible solar panels are more efficient when converting the sunlight into clean energy, with 25% above the average efficiency in the industry.

Lipower’s LP-100 solar panel looks like and also can function as a briefcase. It can be folded as a briefcase and hide its kickstand for easy transport with its carrying handle. It folded size is featured 20.47*14.37Inch, making it smaller and solider than other products. The LP-100 Solar Panel can not only charge the energy storage power supply, but can also support the output of USB and other sockets on the DC output module of the solar panel.


Lipower cares about the environment and its products’ impact on it. Lipower is proud to offer a flexible solar panel knit that is eco-friendly and sustainable. If you are interested with its flexible solar panel knit, you can look up more information on Lipower!

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