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Unmatched Durability and Performance with Techking’s Block Tires

As Thanksgiving Day approaches, Techking Tires Limited takes pride in expressing gratitude to its valued customers and partners. Established in 2007, Techking has emerged as a prominent player in the mining and construction tire industry. With a dedicated focus on specific applications, integrated product research and development, quality control, and brand operation, Techking aims to become a leading mining and construction tire brand.

Unleashing the Power of Block Tires:

Techking’s block tires, such as the PROADT, are designed to deliver exceptional performance and durability in demanding mining and construction environments. With a commitment to innovation and tire technology, Techking has developed block tires that surpass industry standards.

Longer Service Life:

The PROADT block tire stands out with its big block design, ensuring a larger contact area from top to bottom even after significant wear. This unique design prolongs the tire’s service life, reducing the frequency of replacements and ultimately lowering the total cost of ownership for end users.

Enhanced Sidewall Protection:

Techking understands the challenges faced by mining and construction operations, especially when it comes to sidewall cracks. To address this issue, Techking has incorporated an anti-crack Sidewall Compound into its block tires. This specialized compound enhances the tire’s resistance to aging, minimizing sidewall cracks and improving overall safety and reliability. Techking acknowledges the importance of sidewall protection in ensuring uninterrupted operations and also takes actions on it.


Techking’s block tires, exemplified by the PROADT, demonstrate the company’s unwavering commitment to delivering superior tire solutions for the mining and construction industry. With their longer service life and enhanced sidewall protection, these tires provide unmatched durability and performance. This Thanksgiving Day, Techking expresses gratitude to its customers and partners for their trust and support in choosing Techking’s block tires, which contribute to increased operational efficiency.

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