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Versatile Lighting for Any Occasion

Mamba LED Par Light, a revolutionary lighting fixture that combines cutting-edge technology and exceptional performance. Designed to deliver stunning illumination for various applications, the Mamba offers versatility and creative control. With a commitment to innovation and quality, Light Sky continues to push the boundaries of lighting solutions. Experience the power and brilliance of the Mamba LED Par Light and elevate your lighting experience to new heights.

Precise Optical Design and Versatile Zoom Capabilities

The Mamba LED Par Light is equipped with a precise optical design that enhances its performance. The light source features 12*40W LED chips RGBW 4 in 1, providing a wide range of color options and exceptional brightness. The Mamba’s beam angle ranges from 3.6° to 38°, allowing for precise beam control and coverage. Additionally, the zoom angle of 4.2° to 53° offers versatility, enabling users to adjust the beam spread according to their specific lighting needs. Whether you require a narrow focus or a wider wash of light, the Mamba LED Par Light delivers exceptional control and flexibility.

Dynamic Effects and Individual Control

Light Sky‘s Mamba LED Par Light offers a range of dynamic effects to enhance your lighting displays. The color mixing system ensures uniform RGBW color mixing, enabling seamless transitions and vibrant color combinations. Additionally, the light features a linear electronic zoom system, allowing for smooth and precise adjustments to the beam angle. The Mamba LED Par Light supports individual control, providing the ability to vary color and effects for each fixture. With effect macro options, both static and dynamic effects can be easily achieved. The linear electronic dimmer offers four dimming options, providing further control over the lighting output. Furthermore, the strobe function offers electronic strobe options ranging from 1 to 30Hz, as well as random strobe effects, adding excitement and energy to your lighting displays.


Light Sky’s Mamba LED Par Light is a game-changer in the world of lighting. With its precise optical design, versatile zoom capabilities, and dynamic effects, the Mamba empowers users to create captivating lighting displays with ease. The individual control feature allows for customized lighting setups, while the uniform color mixing and effect macros offer endless creative possibilities. Whether you’re a lighting professional, event organizer, or entertainment enthusiast, the Mamba LED Par Light is the perfect tool to enhance your lighting experience. Experience the brilliance and versatility of Light Sky’s Mamba LED Par Light and transform any space into a visual masterpiece.

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