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Maximize Your Solar Potential with Sunworth’s Advanced Energy Storage Systems

When it comes to solar energy solutions, Sunworth is a trusted brand as a leading solar panels supplier and provider of efficient solar storage systems. With a focus on sustainability and reliability, Sunworth offers a range of high-quality products designed to meet the energy needs of residential customers.

Sunworth Solar Panels Supplier: Efficient and Reliable Power Generation

As a reputable solar panels supplier, Sunworth offers the Sunworth 20~50W Off-grid Solar Home Kit with Lithium Battery DC Series. This kit includes a solar panel with a power range of 20W-50W, a lithium battery, and a stable solar controller. The system provides a clear working status indication, ensuring users are aware of its operational efficiency. With 6 DC12V sockets and 3 USB connections, it offers multiple charging options for various devices. The small and portable integrated box makes it convenient to use, making it an ideal choice for off-grid power generation.

Sunworth Solar Storage System: Lightweight and Efficient

Sunworth’s solar storage system, equipped with a lithium battery, offers numerous advantages. The lithium battery is significantly lighter in weight compared to traditional lead-acid batteries, making it easier to handle and transport. Additionally, the energy density of the lithium battery is 6~7 times higher, allowing for longer-lasting power storage. Sunworth is a certified PV product supplier with ISO19001 and ISO14001 certifications, ensuring strict quality control and adherence to international standards. With reliable performance and simple operation, this solar storage system provides a seamless and efficient power solution for various applications.


Sunworth is a reputable supplier of solar panels and provider of solar storage systems, delivering energy solutions that are both efficient and dependable. Customers are able to satisfy their power requirements by harnessing solar energy with the help of the company’s high-quality solar panels. The Sunworth solar storage system is equipped with a lightweight lithium battery, which allows for reliable power storage over an extended period of time as well as practical transportation. Customers may enjoy dependable and sustainable power production while also making a contribution to a more environmentally friendly future if they choose Sunworth as their partner in solar energy.

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