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Sunpower New Energy 18650 Low Temperature Batteries: Revolutionizing the World of Sports


Sunpower New Energy is making significant strides in sports with the introduction of their latest innovation – the Sunpower New Energy 18650 low temperature battery. Created to overcome the limitations of traditional batteries in low temperature environments, these batteries provide exceptional performance and reliability. Sunpower New Energy is changing the game in sports technology with a focus on innovation and high-quality products.

Unmatched Performance in Extreme Conditions

The Sunpower New Energy 18650 low temperature battery is designed to excel in extreme cold conditions, making it the perfect companion for sports enthusiasts. With the ability to operate flawlessly at temperatures as low as -40℃ and -50℃, these batteries guarantee uninterrupted power supply for sports equipment such as electric bikes, snowmobiles, and skiing and snowboarding gear. Athletes can push their limits without worrying about battery performance in freezing temperatures.

Extended Endurance and Efficiency

Sunpower New Energy 18650 low temperature batteries offer extended endurance and increased efficiency for sports equipment. With a capacity of 3000mAh and a discharge efficiency of over 90%, these batteries provide long-lasting power for extended periods of intense physical activity. The advanced technology used in these batteries ensures stable power output, enabling athletes to achieve peak performance without interruption.

Safety and Durability

Sunpower New Energy 18650 low temperature batteries prioritize safety and durability. Manufactured using high-quality materials, they are designed to withstand the most demanding sports activities. These batteries meet various certification requirements, ensuring their reliability and performance. Athletes can rely on Sunpower New Energy to provide safe and durable power solutions for their sports equipment.


Sunpower New Energy is revolutionizing the world of sports with the Sunpower New Energy 18650 low temperature battery. Offering unmatched performance in extreme conditions, extended endurance, and a commitment to safety and durability, Sunpower New Energy is empowering athletes to reach new heights in their sporting endeavors

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