The 10 Best Swimming Pool Features to Consider

Swimming pools have long been a symbol of luxury and relaxation, transforming any backyard into an oasis of fun and tranquility. When designing or renovating a pool, considering the features can truly elevate the experience. From practical considerations to design aesthetics, there are numerous features to choose from that can enhance the beauty and functionality of your pool.

The 10 Best Swimming Pool Features

1. Infinity Edge:

One of the most stunning pool features is the infinity edge, also known as a vanishing edge or a negative edge pool. This unique design gives the illusion that the water in the pool is overflowing into the surrounding landscape, creating a visually striking effect. Infinity edge pools are perfect for properties with a view, as they blend seamlessly with the horizon, offering a breathtaking swimming experience.

2. Waterfalls and Fountains:

Adding waterfalls and fountains to your pool design can create a soothing and tranquil atmosphere. Whether you prefer a cascading waterfall flowing into the pool or a serene fountain bubbling in the corner, these water features add a touch of elegance and relaxation to your outdoor space.

3. LED Lighting:

Illuminate your pool with vibrant LED lights that can change colors and set the mood for any occasion. LED lighting not only enhances the aesthetics of your pool but also improves safety by making the pool area more visible during nighttime swims. Choose from a variety of colors and effects to create a dazzling light show in your backyard.

4. Swim-Up Bar:

Turn your pool into a tropical paradise with a swim-up bar where you can enjoy refreshing drinks without ever leaving the water. Complete with stools and a counter, a swim-up bar is a fun and functional addition that allows you to entertain guests while staying cool in the pool.

5. Sun Shelf:

A sun shelf, also known as a tanning ledge or a Baja shelf, is a shallow platform in the pool where you can relax, sunbathe, or place lounge chairs in the water. This feature is ideal for sun worshippers who want to enjoy the water without fully submerging themselves. It’s also perfect for young children to play and splash around safely. When considering the best pool features to add, a sun shelf is a highly desirable option due to its versatility and suitability for various activities.

6. Automated Pool Cover:

Investing in an automated pool cover offers convenience and safety for your pool. These covers can be easily opened and closed with the push of a button, protecting your pool from debris, reducing evaporation, and improving energy efficiency. They also act as a safety barrier, preventing accidental falls into the pool when it’s not in use.

7. Fire Features:

Create a mesmerizing ambiance around your pool with fire features such as fire pits, fire bowls, or fireplaces. The combination of water and fire adds a dramatic and luxurious touch to your outdoor space, perfect for evening gatherings or romantic nights by the pool. Not only do fire features provide warmth and light, but they also add a sense of sophistication to your pool area.

8. Built-In Seating:

Incorporate built-in seating such as benches, ledges, or underwater stools into your pool design for added comfort and convenience. These seating options allow swimmers to relax, socialize, or simply take a break from swimming without having to leave the water. Built-in seating is both practical and stylish, maximizing the usability and enjoyment of your pool.

9. Saltwater System:

Consider installing a saltwater system in your pool for a gentler and more natural way to keep the water clean and sanitized. Saltwater pools use a salt-chlorine generator to produce chlorine from salt, reducing the need for harsh chemicals and providing a softer feel to the water. This system is not only better for your skin and eyes but also requires less maintenance than traditional chlorine pools.

10. Pool Automation:

Enhance the functionality of your pool with automation systems that control various features such as lighting, heating, filtration, and water chemistry. With the touch of the circulation system is another crucial feature to ensure that your pool stays clean and safe for swimming. A well-designed pool automation paired with efficient pumps will keep water quality pristine while minimizing energy consumption.

Accessibility Features for All Ages and Abilities

When designing your dream swimming pool, it’s essential to consider accessibility features that cater to all ages and abilities. From young children to elderly individuals or those with mobility challenges, creating a pool space that is inclusive and user-friendly is key.

Installing handrails along the steps or ramps leading into the pool can provide much-needed support for individuals with limited mobility. Additionally, incorporating wide entryways and shallow areas allows for easier entry and exit for all swimmers.

Consider adding seating options both in and around the pool area to accommodate those who may need rest breaks or simply want to relax by the water. Lift systems are also a fantastic addition for ensuring individuals with physical disabilities can safely enter and exit the pool without assistance.

By including these accessibility features in your swimming pool design, you create a welcoming environment where everyone can enjoy the benefits of swimming and lounging by the water.

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