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APT Medical’s Triguy™ Steerable PV Mapping Catheter: Advancing Precision in Electrophysiology

In electrophysiology, APT Medical introduces the Triguy™ Steerable PV Mapping Catheter, a remarkable device designed foratrial fibrillation (AF) procedures. With its exceptional maneuverability and reliable performance, this catheter offers medical professionals reliable and accurate mapping outcomes. Let’s explore the outstanding features and benefits of the Triguy™ Steerable PV Mapping Catheter.

Superior Design for Precise PV Mapping

The Triguy™ Steerable PV Mapping Catheter incorporates a superior design tailored explicitly for PV mapping. Up to 270° deflection capability allows for a more accessible right pulmonary vein (RPV) approach. This feature enhances procedural efficiency and accuracy, enabling medical professionals to map the targeted areas during AF procedures precisely.

Exceptional Flexibility and Maneuverability

The catheter’s multi-durometer and diameter design provides medical professionals flexibility and maneuverability during procedures. This versatility enables seamless navigation through complex anatomies, facilitating precise catheter placement and reducing procedural challenges.

Robust Construction for Long-Term Procedures

The Triguy™ Steerable PV Mapping Catheter features a braided structure that offers excellent kink resistance and support, even during long-duration procedures. This durability ensures consistent performance over extended periods, enabling medical professionals to focus on delivering optimal patient treatment.

Enhanced Tissue Contact and Shape Recovery

Utilizing high-quality memory alloy, the catheter allows for better tissue contact, improving signal acquisition and accuracy during mapping. Additionally, the memory alloy enables the catheter to maintain its shape, providing reliable and consistent performance throughout the procedure.

Bulb Tip Design

With a unique bulb tip design, the catheter minimizes the risk of myocardium irritation during procedures. This thoughtful feature enhances patient comfort and safety while ensuring accurate mapping outcomes.


APT Medical’s Triguy™ Steerable PV Mapping Catheter represents a significant advancement in electrophysiology. With its superior design, exceptional manoeuvrability, and reliable performance, this catheter empowers medical professionals to achieve precise and accurate outcomes during AF procedures. APT Medical’s commitment to advancing electrophysiology through innovative solutions is evident in the design and performance of the Triguy™ Steerable PV Mapping Catheter. As the field continues to evolve, APT Medical remains at the forefront, providing medical professionals with excellent devices that redefine the boundaries of electrophysiology.

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