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Maximizing Efficiency with Pharmapack’s Primary and Secondary Packaging Solutions

Pharmapack is synonymous with excellence in packaging solutions, and their PL series bottle packaging line stands as a testament to their commitment to innovation. Let’s explore how Pharmapack’s primary and secondary packaging solutions are revolutionizing the industry.

Primary Packaging: The PL Series Bottle Packaging Line

The Pharmapack PL series bottle packaging line is a comprehensive solution comprising a multitude of essential components, including a bottle unscrambler, counter, inserter, capper, sealer, labeler, booklet outserter, cartoner, case packer, palletizer, and more. This versatile lineup ensures seamless primary packaging operations, optimizing efficiency and reliability throughout the process.

Smart Inspection Packaging Line: Streamlining Operations

Pharmapack’s smart inspection packaging line takes efficiency to the next level. By integrating an integrated channel for the end of the packaging machine, this line achieves fully automatic packaging, minimizing manual intervention and maximizing throughput. With smart inspection capabilities, quality control is enhanced, ensuring that only products meeting the highest standards reach the market.

Multi-Stick Automatic Packing Machine: Precision in Packaging

The multi-stick automatic packing machine is a marvel of engineering, designed to handle stick packaging with unparalleled precision. Its advanced system consists of horizontal to vertical chutes, counting and arranging systems, lifting and rejection stations, and more. From empty stick detection to cartoning, this machine ensures every step of the packaging process is executed flawlessly.

Secondary Packaging Line Equipment: Completing the Process

Pharmapack’s secondary packaging line (PEL series) is a comprehensive suite of equipment designed to complement primary packaging efforts. From cartoners to labelers, wrapping machines to palletizers, this line ensures that products are efficiently and securely packaged for distribution. With large character ink-jet printers and print & apply labelers, branding and tracking capabilities are seamlessly integrated into the process.


With Pharmapack’s primary and secondary packaging solutions, efficiency, reliability, and quality are no longer aspirations but realities. From primary packaging operations with the PL series bottle packaging line to secondary packaging with the PEL series, Pharmapack provides end-to-end solutions that redefine industry standards. Experience the difference with Pharmapack and elevate your packaging operations to new heights of excellence.

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